Load Melody Sauce as a MIDI track to use as a VST Plugin in Cubase.

Setup in CUBASE

In Cubase, all you need to do is load Melody Sauce as a VST plugin onto its own MIDI track, and then route the outgoing MIDI to another software instrument track.

Add an Instrument Track:


Then load Melody Sauce as a VST Instrument:


The authorisation window will appear.  Enter your license/serial key to authorise Melody Sauce (this requires an internet connection).  See Authorisation Guide for more details.

On a second Instrument Track loaded with one of your favourite software instruments, change the the MIDI input from “All MIDI Inputs” to “Melody Sauce - MIDI Out”:


Finally click “record enable” to arm the receiving instrument track:


Whilst continuing to highlight this receiving instrument track, click on Melody Sauce’s Edit Instrument window to open the plugin’s interface panel.  You need to have the receiving instrument track highlighted for the output to be activated:


Melody Sauce is now ready for you to start creating melodies.

In Cubase it’s also helpful to set the transport bar to “Return to Start Position on Stop” so that you can set playback and Melody Sauce to begin on the first beat of a bar.