Launch Melody Sauce in your DAW with our quick setup guides


In Live you simply load Melody Sauce as a VST plugin onto its own MIDI track, and then route the outgoing MIDI from this track to another software instrument track.

On a MIDI track select the Melody Sauce VST from the VST plugins in the track’s main browser:


The authorisation window will appear.  Enter your license/serial key to authorise Melody Sauce (this requires an internet connection).  See Authorisation Guide for more details.

On a second Instrument Track loaded with one of your favourite software instruments, find the “MIDI From” dropdown menu (click the “I-O” button if this isn’t displayed).  Change both “All Ins” and then also “Post FX” (immediately below) options in the two boxes to “Melody Sauce”:

Finally click the arm button to arm the track:


Melody Sauce is now ready for you to start creating melodies.

Multiple Tracks:

If you want route Melody Sauce’s MIDI output to multiple instrument tracks at the same time, change the MIDI Monitor setting on the receiving instrument tracks from “Auto” to “In”.


You will need to set this back to “Auto” when you no longer want the instrument tracks to receive MIDI from Melody Sauce and instead receive MIDI from MIDI clips within your DAW.