Designed with Trap beats in mind, let Melody Sauce power up your melody game


Creating Trap melodies with Melody Sauce

Beat block ever held you back from finishing your Trap beat? Need some inspiration? Or just want a constant flow of quality Hip Hop melodic ideas to choose from?

Creating melodies for your Trap beats has never been easier. Melody Sauce’s unique MIDI phrase building engine is simple to use and is capable of creating millions of highly useable melodic options in a few simple clicks.

Complex MIDI generation algorithms mean that none of Melody Sauce's output is pre-programmed - the melodies are created for you based on settings you control.

And with Melody Sauce’s intuitive pad-controller style interface and simple workflow, you don't need to be an expert in music theory to create awesome melodies, just use your ears.

With controls for mood, complexity, speed and rhythm you can easily create customised melodies to fit your Trap project.  Need melodies with a dark mood and straight un-syncopated rhythms?  That’s super simple in Melody Sauce and you can keep creating, auditioning and selecting melodies until you find what you need.

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Try Melody Sauce now and create the melodies your beats deserve.


Melodies that work across multiple genres

Melody Sauce's complex generative algorithms and simple controls will help you find melodic inspiration for all genres from Hip Hop & Trap to House & Techno.

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Using Melody Sauce in other DAWs

Melody Sauce's VST/AU MIDI FX is compatible with most major DAWS including Ableton Live, Logic Pro, FL Studio, Studio One and Reaper.