Built for Logic Pro, Melody Sauce boosts your creative workflow

Melody Sauce's powerful phrase building engine

Whether you’re making a Trap beat or an EDM track, Melody Sauce’s unique MIDI phrase building engine is simple to use and is capable of creating millions of highly useable melodic options in a few simple clicks.
Complex MIDI generation algorithms mean that none of Melody Sauce's output is pre-programmed - the melodies are created for you based on settings you control.
And with Melody Sauce’s intuitive interface and simple workflow you don't need to be an expert in music theory to create awesome melodies, just go with your ears.
In Logic Pro Melody Sauce is loaded as a MIDI FX. This allows both Melody Sauce and the software instrument it’s controlling to sit on the same track.
Choose your key, mood and complexity options and speed settings to generate customised melodies to fit your project and you’re ready to create, audition and select melodies instantly.
Easily add harmonies or keep the rhythms and swap the notes all on the fly. You can audition ideas as you play back your Reaper project, or drag-and-drop created melodies as MIDI clips right into you MIDI track.
And all this with a 7-DAY RISK-FREE 100% MONEYBACK GUARANTEE.
Try Melody Sauce now and create the melodies your beats deserve.
Watch Logic Pro and Melody Sauce in action with Iamamusicmogul

Melodies that work across multiple genres

Melody Sauce's complex generative algorithms and simple controls will help you find melodic inspiration for all genres from Hip Hop & Trap to House & Techno.

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DAW Compatibility

Melody Sauce's VST/AU MIDI FX is compatible with most major DAWS including Ableton Live, Logic Pro, FL Studio, Studio One and Reaper.

Melody Sauce FAQs

We often get messages from users before they buy or while they're trying to install our plugins and integrate with their DAW software, so we have an extensive FAQ section within our resources. Below are some of our most asked FAQs.

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