Create unique melodies
in your DAW in seconds
Create unique melodies
instantly in your DAW
Powered by A.I.
Create unique melodies
instantly in your DAW

Inspiration for your next project

AI-powered PhraseBuilder Engine
Create unlimited melodies by genre
Style settings
Internal sounds
See how quickly the creativity flows
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7-day Money Back Guarantee

Full refund if you're not completely satisfied within 7 days of purchase.

Full refund if you're not completely satisfied within 7 days of purchase.

" 7-day money back guarantee "

An absolutely incredible program. I'm annoyed that I didn't find Melody Sauce 2 much sooner. My utmost respect to the programmers of Melody Sauce 2.
Piet Wagner
Amazing plug-in that sparks ideas immediately, demolishing writers block! 
Chris N
I have tried various melody generator plug-ins, but this plug-in gives me the peace of mind that it will always generate top catchy melodies!
Hidetugu S
This program rocks. It's a great inspirational tool for all musicians.  I haven't seen anything like it.  Highly recommended!
Dan I
Intuitive, Deep, Simple.
Austin B
Melody Sauce 2 despite its simple interface delivers impressive results.  With the ability to influence mood, complexity, harmony, and chord progressions, workflow moves quickly. The built-in styles are useful when learning a new genre. Very pleased. 
Hank W
This plugin is a must-have if you need to make lots of melodies fast.
Krzysztof H
Very simple to use but has extra control when you want to dig a little deeper and generate ideas from complex chord progressions. Stupidly easy to drag generated midi into your DAW. Best bit of software I've bought this year. Love it!
Phil M
Love the product! And the price! Powerful plugin with endless possibilities.
Doris Jones
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Upgrading from Melody Sauce 1?
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Upgrading from Melody Sauce 1 ?
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Designed for the modern producer

> A complete melody creation tool
Melody Sauce 2 will help you create inspiring melodies and new ideas for your music projects. Our AI-powered PhraseBuilder Engine mirrors the way top producers build melodic phrases.

> Your new creative partner
Create ideas to get your projects going, or to help you finish what you started. Generate quality melodies quickly and easily and stay in the flow.

> Your own unique melodies
Melodies are not pre-progammed, they are created for you based on your settings, or use one of over 300 style settings for Hip Hop, Trap, EDM, House, Techno, Pop, Reggaeton and R&B.

Inspiration for your next project

> Intuitive and simple, no need for theory
Designed to fit neatly into your workflow without you needing to know lots of complex music theory, Melody Sauce 2 is destined to be an integral part of your creative sessions.

> Packed with creative features
Includes nearly 100 internal instruments with 3 built-in FX which you can also play with your own midi. Plus an advanced bar-by-bar editing section with the ability to select chords for your melodies to follow.

Trusted by Grammy winners

"One of the best tools for melodies. This plugin gives me inspiration for new song parts and arrangements.”
Norberto Islas, 6 time Grammy Award winning producer and engineer

Melody Examples

All the melodies below were created by Melody Sauce 2 using the internal sounds.  No editing and no external FX have been used - these are examples of the inspiring ideas Melody Sauce 2 produces in a few clicks!

House & Techno


Trap & Hip Hop


Reggaeton & Latin Pop

R&B & Pop R&B

Watch Mello Dee create a beat using Melody Sauce 2

What you get

Style Settings
Nearly 100
of Melodies!


Advanced Editor section
3 built-in FX
A lifetime of royalty free melodies
"Absolutely mindblowing. Thank you!"
"Absolutely mind-blowing. Thank you."

Check out some reviews of Melody Sauce 2

"If you're not a music theory guy like me, Melody sauce 2 is a must have. This will be the best purchase you can get.
Overwhelmed is an understatement!!!"

Tech Requirements

> System Requirements

Mac OS X 10.7 or higher (M1/M2 compatible)
Windows 7 or higher
4GB of RAM required
Melody Sauce 2 is only 64-bit compatible
Internet connection for download & product activation
3 activations per license key - use on up to 3 different computers for your own personal use.

> DAW Compatibility

Melody Sauce 2 can be loaded as a VST3, VST2, AU or AU Midi FX (in Logic only) in the following DAWs:

‍FL STUDIO - FL Studio 20 onwards
ABLETON LIVE - Live 9.5 onwards
LOGIC PRO - Logic Pro X onwardsCUBASE - Cubase 9 onwards
STUDIO ONE - Studio One 4 onwards
ACID PRO - Acid Pro 8 onwardsREASON - Reason 11 onwardsREAPER - Reaper 5 onwards
MASCHINE - Maschine 2 onwards
BITWIG - Bitwig 3.0 onwards

> System Requirements

Mac OS X 10.7 or higher (Fully M1 Mac compatible)
Windows 7 or higher
4GB of RAM required
Melody Sauce 2 is only 64-bit compatible
Internet connection for download & product activation
3 activations per license key

> DAW Compatibility

FL Studio 21
Ableton Live 11
Studio One 5
Logic Pro X  
Acid Pro 8
Reason 11
Reaper 5
Maschine 2
MPC Beats