Totally unique Trap melodies in seconds

Totally unique Trap melodies in seconds

Sunday, August 14, 2022

Totally unique Trap melodies in seconds

Slow and uninspired studio sessions happen to the best of us. The next time you need a boost for your beat, Melody Sauce 2 is the ideal tool to create new ideas quickly. With the new Style Mode there are totally unique options ready for you at the click of a button. Let's delve into it.

Just your style

Melody Sauce 2 is full of new features, with one of the most well received by our customers being the new Style Mode. You can select from one of over 300 settings specific to the your favourite genre. There is a long list of Trap melodies to choose from covering multiple styles of instrument and feel. Check out the video to see the results possible.

To get instant results as shown in the video, just select Style Mode in the upper middle section of Melody Sauce 2 and choose from the different settings available by clicking on the default Style name, then browse the genres and Styles listed.

Style Mode selection button

Each Style automatically engages the relevant settings, including the Sound and FX. You will also notice the pads in the middle section are limited in this mode. Click the pad and press play on your project as normal to get an awesome melody to fit your track in an instant. You can choose to edit the Style setting to your taste or can change the settings so that each time you generate a new melody the default settings for that Style are used.

Further Style Mode settings

There you have it! With Melody Sauce 2 it is easy to generate Trap melodies that sound great quickly and easily. You can use them as starting points that you edit further or as they are right out the box.

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